Managed Security

Hack and malware rollback protection FREE automatic backups & more.


Speed Optimised

FREE SSD storage, VMWare, OpenStack, and Kubernetes Hypervisors available.


Managed Updates

Automatic security patches, optional automatic updates & more.

Boost your application speed

All high performance, secure, with easy to use control panels​


The most stable platform

Automated monitoring and daily backups included on all servers


Latest technologies

We offer hardware with over 64GB RAM and as many cores as you can consume


SSD drives for all plans

Solid-state drives are available on all server configurations


Power management

All servers are managed with MySitePortal providing one-touch access


Automatic updates

Our managed services will update your system and application middleware


Firewall security rules

Point-and-Click interface to lockdown servers in seconds, available free with managed services

Choose the server that fits your workload

Always know what you’ll pay with monthly caps and flat pricing across our global network of datacenters


Typical Price: $99.99/month
LH Servers Price


Perfect for a basic website

16 Cores Intel Xeon CPU
2TB Magnetic Storage
10TB on a GBPS Port
Unlimited Re-imaging
Unlimited Support


Typical Price: $149.99/month
LH Servers Price


Perfect for a start-up company

32 Cores Intel Xeon CPU
400GB SSD Storage
10TB on a GBPS Port
Unlimited Re-Imaging
Unlimited Support
100GB BackData Cloud Storage
Powerful Control Panel



Original Price: $299.99/month
LH Servers Price


Ideal for small business owners

64 Cores Intel Xeon CPU
4TB Magnetic Storage
400GB SSD Storage
20TB on a GBPS Port
Unlimited Re-Imaging
User-Friendly Access Manager
500GB BackData Cloud Storage
Powerful Control Panel
Deluxe Live Support

Large Data Compute

Typical Price: $599.99/month
LH Servers Price


GPU compute for AI and Big Data

1024GB RAM
128 Cores Intel Xeon CPU
50TB SSD Storage
Unlimited on a 100MBPS port
Unlimited Re-imaging
Unlimited Databases
Deluxe Live Support
Powerful Control Panel
User-Friendly Access Manager

What makes us different ?

Datacenter is our craft. LH Servers has been providing dedicated servers for the past 12 years.  Although the types of hardware has changed, our core values remained the same.  Quality servers are our missions, service on demand is our specialty, and we pride ourselves on our amazing technical support.

My Site Portal is a convenient webapp that allows you to keep track of all of your servers regardless of the datacenter they reside in.  Upgrading a server is as simple as clicking a few checkboxes!

Open a support ticket and our datacenter technicians will setup a remote KVM for you to use for 12 hours.

Over the last 5 years we have maintained a 100% uptime.  We make a commitment to ensure your hardware is available 99.9% every month!

We watch your servers so you don’t have to.  If you have questions, open a support ticket with a response time within 4 hours.

Server tech is our passion

Service on demand is our specialty. Amazing technical support is our pride.

24/7/365 Human Support


Our customer success
team is always there for you!

Active Servers


Active servers that are running
and managed by LH Servers

365 Day Uptime


Our servers smoothly run popular
websites and applications

Managed Dedicated Servers

Bare-Metal performance with Cloud-like management